We Shall Consecrate The Soul of Men

An impeccably imperfect example of the ultimate universal paradox.
A gypsy who wishes only to find a home.
A content loner thrust into a sea of people.
A social butterfly not meant for companionship.
A vegetarian who craves blood.
I am waiting for a father who will never return, a letter sent by owl that is 8 years too late, and an answer to the many questions I implore from the universe.

Questions and comments are always encouraged :)

You know. Chillen with the homies. In a place where old meets new. #luxor #vegas #walkthestrip #ysbh #thankyouWV
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you blew through me like bullet holes 
left stains on my sheets and stains on my soul

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This is how you do Vegas. #ysbh

Jenny HolzerDie fast and quiet…(from the Survival Series) 1990.
screenprint on brushed aluminum

I feel like the bad me is beginning to consume what was left of the good me.

What I believed was happiness is beginning to slip, and I’m not entirely sure if there was any true happiness to begin with. 

This all consuming void is taking up too much space, and I can’t breathe. How to live with this other personality? Is it possible to live with it at all?

Because if it is tell me how. Please. I walk this earth completely and utterly alone. I cannot feel anyone around me. Just play the part. Smile when greeted. Laugh at small jokes. Nod when in agreement. Disagreement adds to character. Frown or shake head when in disagreement. 

I just want to be like everyone else. I want to listen to the joke I’m laughing at. I want to sit at a table of friends and connect with them. I want to remember the name of the person I just greeted. I want to love the man I sleep with.

I want to live. I truly do. I just don’t know how.

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Rolling Stone: Did you know Frank Ocean was gay before he came out last year?
Tyler, the Creator: Yeah, I was one of the first people he told. I kinda knew, because he likes Pop Tarts without frosting on them, so I knew something was weird. But that’s my nigga.

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This actually kind of scared me when I first saw it and it sank in.

Remember: The Son of Sam was caught due to a ticket. 
Fix your tail light or STFU

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Anonymous said: I thought it was my ex-girlfriend Kim at first but you're not. Beautiful page,but you should cheer up a little."Why do we fall Bruce? To learn to pick ourselves up" Kisses from australia xx

No,no. Kim I am not.
Does my page seem sad? I feel cheerful. Thank you though! I’m always ready to receive love!

X’s and O’s, from NYC!